Nauticam USA


Nauticam USA is the exclusive distributor for Nauticam products in the Americas. Nauticam USA is also the distributor for other leading underwater imaging brands, including Keldan Lights, Zen Underwater, FIX NEO Lights, and Inon. The Nauticam USA team are avid underwater shooters, and and pleased to offer this great gear to our customers. NUSA is based in sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida.


Nauticam is the premier brand in underwater imaging today. Nauticam's award winning products are recognized worldwide for their innovative designs, rugged construction, and unsurpassed ergonomics. 

Patent Pending Nauticam "firsts" include:

  • port system that doesn't require rotating the port for easy and secure locked ports
  • external dioptric adjustment on enhanced viewfinders
  • first 8 way controller for Canon joystick and Nikon Multi-controller
  • LCD->EVF switch for mirrorless camera housings

With the widest range of cameras supported, the best designed and easiest to use housings, and a huge range of accessories, from LCD Magnifiers to Flash Triggers to Wet Lenses, there simply is no better gear available for the underwater shooting.

The founder of Nauticam, Edward Lai, has produced more innovative underwater designs than anyone else on the planet. Edward is an underwater shooter himself (for examples of his work, click here). Edward's passion for capturing the beauty of the ocean is contagious, and replicates itself in all of the Nauticam designs and manufacturing. 

Innovation Underwater, indeed. 


For the serious video shooter wanting the best color rendition, widest and smoothest light beam, the Keldan Luna 8 is the obvious choice. 


KEL­DAN stands for com­pact lights that are not on­ly ex­treme­ly bright, but of­fer the best beam and col­ors for spe­cial­i­ty ap­pli­ca­tions such as un­der­wa­ter videos

  • High­est lu­mi­nous flux 
  • High­est col­or ren­der­ing
  • Pre­cise pho­to­met­ric spe­c­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Ul­tra com­pact de­sign
  • Vari­able pow­er
  • Self contained

Keldan Lights are hand crafted in Switzerland. The founder, Daniel Keller, is the principal engineer for design and development, and oversees the entire manufacturing process. 

Zen Underwater


Photography is about bending light, and underwater that becomes a bit more complicated as the light now passes through a medium that traditional cameras lenses were not designed for - water. Water, course, defines underwater photography. Zen Underwater is all about bending that light to match the will of the shooter. 

Zen domes start with the best crystal glass available. The interior of the dome element is coated with a magnesium fluoride broadband anti-reflective coating to minimize internal reflections, and the exterior is treated with a proprietary scratch resistant coating to control lens flare. The end result is a dome port that has been touted by the best underwater photographers in the world as being the best dome ports in the world. 



Fix Neo lights are designed from over 15 years of underwater lighting experience. The new NEO design is the most advanced available, with a regulated power supply, microprocessor control for pinpoint accuracy in light output, a wide, even beam for video shooters, and a best of both worlds charging system that won't leave you without a charged light even when doing 5 dives per day. 



Inon is a leading manufacturer of underwater photo gear, including lenses, strobes, and more. Inon strobes are well known for their rugged reliability, excellent output, very accurate TTL, and small travel size. All three models of Inon strobes are powered by commonly available AA batteries, and can run for several hundred flashes, especially when using low-self-discharge, rechargeable batteries.

Inon strobes like the renowned Z-240 are the flash of choice for Nauticam housings, for cameras like the Nikon D-800, the Canon 70D, and the Olympus OM-D E-M1.