Nauticam Port Latch System

One of our favorite features on Nauticam housings is the unique port latch mechanism.

Most modern underwater housings require inserting the port into the housing and rotating the port to lock it in place. This rotation varies from a few degrees for bayonet mount systems to several full revolutions for thread mount systems. In either of these designs, the friction induced by rotating the port can extrude the port o-ring if it is not properly lubricated.

The unique Nauticam port latch system The unique Nauticam port latch system
Nauticam takes a different approach. Each Nauticam housing has a bright red port release lever, topped with a safety release button. Rotating the port release lever, rotates the locking bayonet tabs while the port remains stationary.

To mount a port on a Nauticam housing:

  • Depress the safety release button on the port release lever
  • Rotate the red port release lever downward (counter clockwise)
  • Align and insert the port
  • Rotate the port release lever upward (clockwise) until it latches
  • Go diving!

Because the bayonet locking tabs rotate, not the port, there is no danger of an extruded o-ring when mounting the port. The safety release button insures that the port release lever cannot be accidentally opened.

Don't forget, Nauticam also has port adapters for most popular brands of ports including Ikelite, Aquatica, Sea & Sea, Nexus, Subal and coming soon, Seacam! You can shoot the most innovative housing on the planet without sacrificing your investment in ports for your existing housing.