Gator meets Nauticam, News at 11

Underwater photographer Lazaro Ruda recently took a Nauticam NA-7D housing out to a local (West Palm Beach, Florida) reef he had seen many times before. What he hadn't seen before was an alligator out at the reef. Yes, an alligator. American alligators are known to visit saltwater, but unlike crocodiles, they don't tend to stay in saltwater for long. No one told that to this particular gator who was a couple of miles offshore.

Gator at Breakers Reef

Apparently unfazed, Laz was able to fire off some stills with the 7D, and then deftly switch to video mode and take a nice little video of the gator. While the gator didn't seem to mind the stills, it apparently decided it was not ready for it's video debut and swam off into the blue.

Laz had this to say of the housing: "BTW Chris... These photos and videos were taken with a 7D in a Nauticam housing. It's amazing how stable this housing is considering how much my hands were shaking."

A West Palm Beach TV station picked up the story aired it. The local anchors did a pretty good job of making fools of themselves. ("Why everybody stood around and took pictures I'm not sure") Ok, so maybe those news anchors don't appreciate what an amazing encounter this was, but we do. Thanks very much to Laz for letting us post this.

Click here for the WPTV West Palm Beach Story and Laz's video