More From the Red Sea

We had a great week in Eilat Israel at the 2011 Red Sea Shootout. From our group, Colm O'Reilly took home a third place prize, and my video was nominated and shown at the awards ceremony. There were some really great images made dunig this week. The locals did very well - (they know where all the good stuff is). Now that we have some experience here, we'll be back next year with a vengeance. We visited Jerusalem yesterday and even got in an amazing swim in the Dead Sea. I brought my mask to check out the visibility and see if there was anything to shoot in the water with it's 33.7% salt content. Answer - not much. (and here's a tip - you do not want to get that water in your mouth or eyes).  

Half of our group flew out last night, and we have a few left here in Tel Aviv doing a little more sightseeing. There is so much to see here, it's definitely worth staying on some extra days. Stay tuned - we're already starting to plan to return in 2012!