New Blog Layout

We've made a few change around here as you may notice. This new blog format allows us to publish larger images, and we intend to make good use of that. Look for more articles being published more often, and with more photos.

We've also enabled comments on the site. So please, give us your comments and feedback - we'd love to hear it. But play nice, and don't post any spam. We definitely reserve the right to delete posts which are offensive or otherwise spammish. If you have a question you think others would like to hear the answer to, go ahead and post as a comment. If you specific information about Nauticam products, click the "Contact Nauticam USA" link over there on the right. 

If you see a broken link or other issue with the site, let me know and we'll get it fixed. 

That's it for tonight as I gathering up as much Nauticam gear as I can get away with loading on to a plane, packing it up and getting ready to head to Bonaire for the Digital Shootout 2011. Nauticam USA is a premier sponsor of the event, and we'll be in the midst of all of the action down there on that lovely desert island scuba paradise.