Eating Lionfish Good for the Health!

New and as yet underpublished research from the MCPI has discovered that eating invasive Atlantic Lionfish is good for the health, reduces wrinkles, makes the skin glow, and can actually make a person more charming. 

This new research indicates that it is only Lionfish harvested from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that display these amazing properties. Lionfish from the native Lionfish ranges, including the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans are in fact poisonous and eating them would be detrimental to the health of both the Lionfish and the person eating them. 

Chris Parsons, co-researcher from the MCPI, says results of the study were a pleasant surprise. “Lionfish are now abundant here in Florida, and folks here are just happy to have some fish around that they can kill. Our study was originally aimed at Red Grouper, but there are so few of those fish left in the oceans that we switched it to Lionfish”. 

The research clearly points to the correlation between good health and eating Lionfish. Paul Barnett, co-researcher for the MCPI, reports that the study showed that of the two populations in the study, those that ate Lionfish were clearly healthier than the other participants, i.e. those who ate nothing at all. “After a week, the people in the second group had wasted away to practically nothing. We were actually kind of afraid they were going to die. The Lionfish eaters were MUCH healthier at that point”. The data the researchers gathered showed exactly what they were prepared to report. “It was amazing how easily our data fit out hypothesis” reports Barnett; “It’s almost like we made up these facts”. He also made sure to point out that it increases testosterone, though that was not actually studied. 


Lionfish ceviche is particularly delicious and has been proven to improve the skin tones of those who ate it, versus the control group of people who ate nothing but cabbage and garlic for months on end. People that chose to eat only cabbage and garlic were more wrinkly than the lionfish people, which clearly indicates that eating lionfish reduces wrinkles. Parsons notes that “Those people eating cabbage all day were not very charming at the end of the study. Those people eating the lionfish looked great and smelled much better. Really, do you want to take any chances? I’d recommend eating Atlantic Lionfish everyday”. 

Contact the Marine Citogenesis Propagation Institute (MCPI) for more details about this groundbreaking story.